Who We Are

Stratos Management Systems was founded to make IT work for our clients. Today, that means solutions that take clients’ technology beyond concepts like Private or Public Clouds. Instead, it requires an approach that enables a clients’ existing environment to work seamlessly with emerging capabilities like Cloud. Stratos Management Systems offers a suite of solutions focused on building and managing these “Hybrid IT” environments.

Hybrid IT

An integrated suite of consulting, system integration, technical services and managed services solutions that enables the interoperability of traditional data center environments along with Private and Public Cloud infrastructures. By combining IT assessments with transformational virtualization and middleware solutions, clients can have a seamless experience even in hybrid environments.

Virtualization & Private Cloud

Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing. Together, in partnership with the virtualization leader VMware, we build on this solid foundation through platforms and solutions to power your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, build and run robust cloud applications and supply end-user computing as a cloud-based service. The result is not just any cloud, but your cloud – where accelerated IT delivers accelerated results for your business.


Massive data growth and server sprawl is a growing problem, no pun intended. Storage has transformed dramatically, from spinning disk and tape, to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) being lead by a ground swell in VMware virtualization, Backup to Deduplication, and Next Generation Architectures like Continuous Data Protection (CDP). Stratos Management Systems offers your organization a comprehensive set of services and solutions to help leverage this new combination of VMware and ILM-based storage for consolidation, managed growth, DR, and future applications.


In the IT world, the success of a company rests heavily on the stability and capabilities of their network. It’s critical that your network infrastructure be sound and secure. Stratos Management Systems can help you plan, deploy, optimize, manage and run your network infrastructure, which will help protect your IT investments, improve performance, achieve availability objectives and avoid costly problems. Whether you are looking to upgrade or convert your server operating systems, increase storage, optimize a backup solution, need a remote access or monitoring solution, or require a server consolidation, we can help you decide on the right solution for your network.

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